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How To Read People? | JJ Brun | #042


How One Training Session Transformed a Career: The Power of DISC Model | Dr. Robert Rohm & JJ Brun

Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

A Retired Spy’s Leadership Guide To Understanding People

Gentleman Style Podcast

Inside the Mind of a Spy: (How To Read Anyone Instantly)


How To Deal With Different Communications Styles

On The Brink Podcast

On The Brink | JJ “The Retired Spy” Brun

Personality Insights Spotlight

JJ Brun, Executive Master Trainer

Introducing Me by Sarah Porell

JJ “The Retired Spy” Training on Human Behavior

Engaging Internal Comms

Comms Lessons From A Retired Spy

The Chris Voss Show

JJ Brun, “The Retired Spy” on Mastering the Art of Interpersonal Relationships

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Leading with Integrity

The Spy Who Led Me: JJ Brun’s Journey from Military Intelligence to Business

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From Battle to Business

Unmasking the Retired Spy: A Journey from Combat to Intelligence

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People Powered Solutions

Building Relationships by Design with JJ Brun

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Energetic Radio w/ Dale Sidebottom

JJ Brun | The Retired Spy

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YIELD Today with Dalling Candland

Decoding Human Capital and Communication Styles ft. JJ Brun

Your Intended Message

Communication Tips from a Retired Spy

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