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Looking for DISC certification courses that can help you become an expert in human behavior?

Look no further than The Retired Spy! Our unique online DISC certification program offers comprehensive training, tailored to equip you with the knowledge and tools to conduct behavioral analyses in a range of environments. 

As a certified DISC facilitator, you’ll have the valuable expertise and credentials to showcase your advanced understanding of behavioral analysis to clients, potential employers, or colleagues. Plus, our DISC certification courses are designed to give you a competitive edge in your industry, becoming your client’s trusted advisor. 

Don’t wait any longer to boost your professional skills with The Retired Spy’s DISC certification program!

Ready to become DISC-Certified?

Your Instructor 

Your instructor will be Operative 431, JJ Brun The Retired Spy, a seasoned Executive Master Trainer in the Four Temperament (DISC) Model of Human Behaviour. JJ draws on his experiences as a military intelligence operative to illustrate his points, where he worked as a contact handler during the war in Bosnia Herzegovina.

His unique application of the Four Temperament (DISC) Model of Human Behaviour, combined with his expertise in investigative interviewing techniques, provides the keys to recognizing certain behaviours and interpreting and responding to critical information. Get ready to experience high-level training from one of the top DISC Trainers in the world with “The Retired Spy” as your guide.

Get ready to experience high-level training from one of the top DISC Trainers in the world with “The Retired Spy” as your guide.

Become a DISC-Certified Trainer and be equipped with the best tools to build stronger personal and professional relationships.



DISC Certification - Level 1: Train-the-Trainer Accreditation Training Program


Advanced DISC Certification - Level 2: Train-the-Trainer Accreditation Certification Training Program


DISC Certification – Level 1: Train-the-Trainer Accreditation Training Program

2-Day DISC – Level 1: TTT Accreditation Training Program – 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST

Over two days, you will learn how to use the DISC model to adapt your communication style when interacting with individuals with different personality traits.

JJ uses real-world examples from his experience as an operative in the Canadian Armed Forces Intelligence Branch that he adapts to various industries, including corporate, government, sales, and coaching.

What you will learn

During DISC – Level 1 Certification, you will cover the DISC Model of Human Behaviour. At the end of the Level 1 program, you will be equipped to:

Achieve better results in your personal and professional life

Develop communications skills that will enhance your relationships

Apply proven practical tools

Enhance team dynamics and client relationships

Administer and use a Discovery Report (an online personality test and/or assessment)

Plus, you will qualify as a DISC Level 1 Accredited Trainer in association with Personality Insights.


Get ready for an immersive, dynamic experience with our program! This fast-paced, interactive program combines practical exercises and in-depth discussions, so you get the most out of your training. And don’t worry; the material you cover won’t be boring or dry!

You’ll combine serious learning with fun as you complete the coursework alongside a lively group of fellow participants.

Our aim is to make learning entertaining while delivering valuable insights and practical skills, so you can enjoy the process while gaining new knowledge.

We’ve Been Training Success Since 1999

Businesses, governments, and organizations around the world have trusted DHC Training Solutions to train their staff and executives on The Four Temperament (DISC) Model of Human Behaviour in order to develop stronger internal and external communications, improved customer service levels, lower staff turnover, and enhance employee satisfaction at work.​


Advanced DISC Certification – Level 2: Train-the-Trainer Accreditation Training Program

2-Day Advanced DISC – Level 2: TTT Accreditation Training Program – 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST

Deepen Your Understanding and Expertise in Human Behaviour

The objective of the 2-Day Advanced DISC Behavioural Studies – Level 2 training modules is to enable participants to gain a greater understanding of the Four Temperament (DISC) Model of Human Behaviour to enhance and positively impact their team success. Level 2 builds on the knowledge from Level 1. At the end of the course you will become an Accredited Level 2 Trainer in association with Personality Insights.

What you will learn

At the end of this 2-Day course, you’ll have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Four Temperament (DISC) Model of Behaviour. You’ll also be able to:

Be equipped to understand yourself and team members

Gain more peace and harmony in your professional relationships

Understand ways of communicating and presenting information for understanding and clarity

Understand how each personality style makes different leadership decisions

Knowledge of how people of each personality style might exhibit stress

Ideas to help you recover from stress more effectively

Understanding of the concept and impact of personality blends

Insights into people’s expectations when it comes to working on a team

Ways to quickly distinguish between different leadership styles


Learn how to get better results in your personal and professional life

Enjoy a fun and interactive atmosphere of learning

Enhance your team dynamics and client relationships

Increase your bottom line and improve the performance of your team

Win the approval of others and inspire others to be their best

Improve effectiveness of the team and knowledge of how to work efficiently

Remove the roadblocks keeping you and your team from success

Key principles that create better relationships and build better teams

Leadership insights to improve communication and understanding

Proven practices to reduce turnover and improve productivity



Discovery Report




Team @ Work


Leadership – Brief & To The Point


Leadership – Booklet 1


Leadership – It’s An Inside Job


Leadership – Booklet 2


Role Assessment


Responsibility Dynamics


Advanced Graph Reading


Silent Exercise


Conflict Resolution


Case Studies


ROI Fast Track Program

Mission Accomplished!

Here’s What They’re Saying About Our DISC Certification:

“JJ’s expertise and highly developed skills within the field of Human Behaviour are recognized internationally in utilizing Decoding Human Capital as a business strategy to provide communication solutions that drive business results.” -

Keynote Speakers Canada.

JJ’s DISC training met our expectations and EXCEEDED all of them”

Roger Bouchard, Senior Corporate Relations Officer, Government of Canada.

“This may have been the most high-value workshop I have ever attended. JJ Brun is such a master at his craft. I was SO impressed and inspired. Thanks, JJ, for an amazing three days!” -

Steve Lowell,
S&L Training Solutions Inc. & Past-President of the Global Speakers Federation.

“It truly was an insightful experience that left my team wanting more. I definitely recommend this valuable training – and JJ is by far a true master in the field of human behavior.”

David Mercer, Commander (Navy), Canadian Force.

“JJ helped us Realize that everyone has their own unique blended style. Understanding this was a catalyst to bringing about effective partnerships personally and professionally.”

Frances M. Balodis, President and Founder, Music for Your Children.


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Who are these programs for?

Anyone who wants to become a more effective communicator in both their professional and professional lives. People who have attended in the past include project officers, project managers, team leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, human resource managers, parents, law enforcement professionals, direct sales professionals, trainers, and coaches. 

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes. You must be able to read, write and speak English or French, depending on the course you select. Plus, you must be 18 years old or older.

For Level 2, you must have completed 2-Day Behavioural Studies Level 1 Train-The-Trainer Certification. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Occasionally unforeseen events interrupt even the best-laid plans.

If something happens that requires you to change your schedule, you may cancel your registration and sign up for a future training event. However, the following restrictions apply:

There is a charge of $297 for Regular Rate, Executive Rate and Refresher Rate registrations. If you must cancel, please feel free to contact JJ to discuss the Cancellation Policy and the options available to you to avoid any cancellation fees.